Can’t germans say squirrel? What else?

why can't germans say squirrel?

It’s the old myth, germans can’t pronounce the word „squirrel“. Well can they or can’t they? „Hello, germany!“ is doing a follow up, because a visitor claims the word „Anaesthesist“ is even harder, to pronounce. What do you think? Share your difficult words here and enjoy the newest episode of the vlog!



And just for good meassure, here’s the old experiment:

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squirrel pic by Jeremy Noble from St. Paul, United States (I’m a squirrel… feed me.jpg Uploaded by Fæ) [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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6 Gedanken zu „Can’t germans say squirrel? What else?

  1. I think most English words are difficult to pronounce. My teachers at school have always laughed at me, when I tried to speak, because I speak englisch with „Ruhrpott Akzent“…

      1. It’s similar to your „pfälzisch“ accent. I can’t explain it so well. But I don’t give an example for you because it’s too embarrassing for me.

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