German guy looking for his childhood house in London!

german invades kingston upon thames, london, england

Time for another episode of „hello, germany!“ This time follow me around Kingston upon Thames, where I am in search of the house, where I lived as a kid! It’s a wonderfully emotional experience! ūüôā




As you probably know, this is from my english Youtube Channel „hello, germany!“. There’s a new video over there every monday and I only got to posting it here now. So, if you want to have the videos on time, hop on over to Youtube and subscribe the channel. And even better, if you click in the settings of your account in the subscriptions tap, you can chose to get an email whenever I post a new video, as a reminder! Yay!

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  1. Awwww. Thanks for sharing ūüôā
    What a great present to be able to meet the „new“ house owners and actually see the house again and some other places from your childhood.

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