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30 Minuten in Luxemburg

Luxemburg Comedy mit Manuel Wolff

Manuel Wolff headlinte im April dort 30 Minuten auf Englisch. Hier das ganze Set. Wie gefällt es Euch?

Manuel Wolff headline set
eurovision song contest 2015 der comedy manuel wolff

Manuel Wolff ist Comedian, der auf Englisch und Deutsch und ohne oder mit Musik spielt. Als Chef vom BOING! Comedy Club vermittelt er gerne für jede Veranstaltung das passende Showprogramm. Einfach mal kontaktieren.

AUCH SCHAUEN: Warum Comedy Tragik plus Zeit ist (von der BOING! English Comedy Night)

German Comedian on meeting girls online and in real life

online dating meeting girls

Hello world! Here’s another stand up comedy video from a performance from the international comedy night in Maastricht. Me, Manuel Wolff, a german stand up comic, who loves to perform in english, tells you about flirting with women on facebook and how to meet girls, involving dogs, little children and a dolphin. This was recorded in Maastricht, enjoy!




In case you want to book me anywhere in the world (I love to travel), write to and check out my comedy cv.

Also please check out my youtube channel „hello, germany!“

German mentality – what the hell?

german mentality, a german comedian explains

This is german comedian Manuel Wolff performing in english at the International Comedy Night in Maastricht, talking about the german love for complaints and David Hasselhoff and why the hell they always say „früher war alles besser“ – „in the past everything was better.“. Please share the video, if you like it!




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German Comedian, English Audience

So, here’s all three parts of me, Manuel Wolff, a german comedian, having my first gig in english. Which part do you like best? Share the part you like best on Facebook!

germancomedian english audience

Please note: This was my first gig in english, but not my last. After this performance, I started to stand up comedy in english more often and I love to travel and can be booked. Simply drop me an e-mail at to contact me.

You can find more and later performances on my Youtube channel „hello, germany!“.

Regularly I perform in german, you can find all the info and dates and gigs on my homepage, which you’ll understand, if you speak german: 🙂

Part 1:


Part 2:


Part 3:



German Comedian – part II

german comedian rocks american audience

Here’s the second part of me, several years ago, with the first time I did comedy in english, a performance at Johnny Hollywood’s Comedy Night in Cologne in front of expats from the USA, Canada, Britain, Australia, etc… it was tons of fun! What do you think? Do germans have a sense of humor?




And in case you missed it, here’s part 1:

This video is from my english Youtube channel „hello, germany!“ – If you’re on Youtube, please hop over there, subscribe and leave a comment, yay!

My Trip to London – Report Part 1 of 2

travelling through europe, report part 1:2

As promised for a long time, I wanted to tell you about my recent trip to London, to do some more stand up comedy in english. Being a german comedian it’s a thrill to perform in another language, so I was happy that I could add gigs in Maastricht and Paris as well. Here’s the first part of my travel report, with all the hooplaha (great word, isn’t it?) of changing trains in an odyssee through the netherlands, belgium and france, the Thalys, the Eurostar, Brussels, Bruxelles, the chunnel and then London with a couchsurfing eurovision song contest party and rollercoasters in thorpe park, with finding the house of my youth and of course, also performing. Yay!


Thi sis from my Youtube channel „hello, germany!“, if you liked the video, please share it with your friends (using the social media buttons below) and leave a comment to make me happy 🙂

centre pompidou pic By Cristian Bortes from Cluj-Napoca, Romania [CC-BY-2.0 (] via Wikimedia Commons

conchita Wurst By Daisy Berger (Own work) under [CC-BY-3.0 (] via Wikimedia Commons

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