Justin Bieber wrestles woman and loses big time!

  It’s time for another episode of „Hello, Germany!“ – here’s what happened. The Beebs was playing Minigolf with his thug buddies and wanted to have a girl’s mobile phone. Or something. A wrestling match and hilarity ensues. Here’s the full story, enjoy: [random] If you want to get the videos early, please subscribe to […]

„Hello, Germany!“ starts with FIRE!

  Did you all enjoy your easter holidays? How do you celebrate easter? And why did I encounter a huge fire? And is fast fine and slow sexy? You’ll find out in the newest „hello, germany!“ vlog, check it out and leave a comment! [random] Follow „hello, germany!“ on Youtube Twitter Facebook and ask your […]

Comedy about Killing Giraffes

  Here’s another excerpt from me, Manuel Wolff, performing at the international comedy night in Heidelberg. This time it’s about the giraffe they killed at the Kopenhagen Zoo in Denmark. Let’s see, if there’s something funny about it. Tell me how you liked it, and what you thought about killing giraffes: [random] The clip is […]

How to count in german, 1 to 10

  Hello world! It’s time for another episode of „hello, germany!“, this time I’ll explain how to count from one to ten. Eins bis Zehn. Muhahahahahaha, I feel like the Count. Have fun, enjoy and share the video with your illiterate friends 😉 [random] Please subscribe for free to „hello, germany!“ on Youtube! And also […]