My Trip to London – Report Part 1 of 2

  As promised for a long time, I wanted to tell you about my recent trip to London, to do some more stand up comedy in english. Being a german comedian it’s a thrill to perform in another language, so I was happy that I could add gigs in Maastricht and Paris as well. Here’s […]

„Hello, germany!“ is here to answer your questions!

  A german answers your questions about germans, germany and everything else! It’S time for another vlog in english! This time I’ll answer the first view questions. Now, before you enjoy the clip, please subscribe to the youtube channel „hello, germany!“ for free! And also, put the Google+ „hello, germany!“ page in your circles, it’s […]

What language do the people in Germany speak?

  Good Morning, Germany – Vlog episode 9 silly questions about germans Good morning! It’s so hard to get up in the morning, so being unprepared i just ramble in this videoblog. But after trying to get my brain to function in the morning, I can think of a few silly questions I’ve been asked […]