Good Morning, Germany – Vlog episode 4

Ein Becher Kaffee, frisch gebrüht

The best magic trick in the world is shown here and I will tell you, how it works. This is a serious secret, so watch the video until the end, it is amazing and not just a Card Trick. Afterwards please tell me, what card you picked. David Blaine did this trick, Criss Angel and David Copperfield, Penn & Teller did a variation and not only will you learn how magic works (and I hope it doesn’t dis-illusion you), you will also learn how TV, internet and media work. This video is not for magicians, it is for the curious.

Here’s today’s episode of „Good Morning, Germany!“ – Have fun:

If you missed last weeks episode, here it is: Is the middle finger an obscene hand gesture in germany?

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