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Germany celebrates World Cup Victory!

It’s so exciting, Germany won the FIFA Football World Cup 2014, in a thrilling match against Argentina! And in this “follow me around” episode of “hello, germany!”, we’ll take a look at how and where and with whom I watched the game. Check it out:

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Walking to get the passport renewed!

passport life lessons

Well yes, what a strange headline, but bear with me. The trains were on strike and I had to get a new biometric passport, so I had to walk for miles. And of course I could use that time for a new video for my dear non german friends! Yes, it’s another episode of “hello, germany!”, check it out and enjoy!



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Beautiful performance of “Gabriellas song”!

gabriellas song

For a change of pace, I present you a beautiful document from the archives, it’s the wonderful Lena Inter singing a brilliant rendition of the phenomenal song “Gabriella’s Song” (or Gabrielas Sang) with me on the piano. Simply listen and get goosebumps:



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Why Germany will win the World Cup 2014

Why germany will win the World Cup 2014

Alright the FIFA World Cup 2014 is about to start and the whole world will think only “Football!”, a whole month long! The whole world? Well no, there’s this little country, where they play a totally different game and call it the same, but who cares? It’s time for “hello, germany!” again, and I will explain why Germany will win the World Cup. But if we already know, who is going to win, do we even have to play? Check it out:



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Holy crap, it’s me in the tub!

yes nude, but there's no nudity

Here it is, time for “hello, germany” on the road again. Follow me around, this time in Saarbrücken, you get to learn what Saarbrücken is, why I’m there, what 4 different types of comedy gigs there are for a professional comedian in Germany and in the end, I’m showing you everything while I’m relaxing in the tub. Everything.



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Justin Bieber wrestles woman and loses big time!

Justin Bieber loses fight with woman

It’s time for another episode of “Hello, Germany!” – here’s what happened. The Beebs was playing Minigolf with his thug buddies and wanted to have a girl’s mobile phone. Or something. A wrestling match and hilarity ensues. Here’s the full story, enjoy:

also watch: Walking to get the passport renewed!

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mud wrestling pic by tmv_media ( under creative commons [CC BY-SA 2.0 (] via

Thanks to Rob Vegas for the Justin Bieber caricature!

German Comedian first time in front of Americans

german comedian kills crowd

Hello people from earth! I’ve been doing stand up in English for a couple of years now and am leaving my lovely town of Cologne for a nice week of English performances in Maastricht, Paris and London tomorrow, so I thought it would be nice to take a look back at the very first performance I did in English:

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This is from “Hollywood’s Comedy Night”, a monthly English comedy show created and hosted by american Comedian Johnny Hollywood in Cologne, Germany, where he invites british & american comedians to perform for expats living in Cologne.

And also gave me the chance to tryout performing stand up in a foreign language, as English is a foreign language to me, as I am a german stand up comic, yes, we exist.

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