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typically german! the most standard place in germany!

the most typically german place

Time fo another episode of “hello, germany!”, follow me around, this time I am at a train station in Bruchsal and in a hotel room in Stuttgart. Yes, this is Germany as crazy as it gets:

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Germany answers your questions!

hello germany youtube

It’s time for another episode where I answer the questions you posted to me at And it’s a rather good question this time, and without name dropping, I figure out how to meantion that I went to school with Seth Meyers. whut?

Here it is:

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Follow me around in Munich, Bayern München :-)

munich, byern muenchen, follow me around

Hello people all around the world! Time for another “hello, germany” follow me around video! This time I was in Munich and recorded a little something before doing a comedy show at the renowned GOP theatre. You’ll see the deutsche museum, the Isar, a lonely love lock, trustworthy munichians (how are the people from munich called?) and a very weird jungle escalator. Have fun:

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The friendly heckler!

the friendly heckler approves of german comedian

Well folks, I’ve been warned. When I’d go to England to do my stand up comedy there, there would be hecklers. Manuel Wolff, they said, in Germany heckling at a comedy show is not as common as in Britain. So I was ready for it. Little did I know, though, how polite the british audience was. Take a look:

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Gefrierfach auftauen auf englisch!


Zeit für ein “follow me around” bei “hello, germany!”, meinem englishen Youtubekanal (bitte abonnieren!) … mitten in der Nacht kam mir die Idee, das Gefrierfach meines Kühlschranks abzutauen. Was heißt Idee, es war dringend nötig! So ging es aus:

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frosted freezer pic by Dan4th ( under creative commons [CC BY 2.0 (], via

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Deutscher Comedian muss den Bären Witz in England erzählen!

Eine kleine nette Comedy-Show in London, England, “Bear Funny” lud mich ein, die Voraussetzung war allerdings, dass ich einen Bärenwitz auf der Bühne erzählte, warum auch immer.

Nun ja, hier ist er, lief gut:

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Zum Thema “Bärenwitz” gibt es auch etwas auf meinem deutschen Kanal “ui. der vlog.” (los, abonnieren! :-)):

Und was ist Euer liebster Tierwitz?

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How to count in german, 1 to 10

german numbers one to ten

Hello world! It’s time for another episode of “hello, germany!”, this time I’ll explain how to count from one to ten. Eins bis Zehn. Muhahahahahaha, I feel like the Count. Have fun, enjoy and share the video with your illiterate friends ;-)

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ring card girl pic by ( under creative commons [CC BY 2.0 (], via

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