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10,000 views! Juchhu!


Auf meinem englischen Youtubekanal “hello, germany!” hat jetzt mein erstes Video die 10.000 geknackt! Das ist ein Grund zum Feiern! Wer mir in einem Kommentar hier gratuliert und mich beglückwünscht, ist ein guter Mensch, wer es nicht tut, der sei verflucht!

hier ist jedenfalls das Video, ein Auftritt aus London und mit Eurer Hilfe schaffen wir es bestimmt auch auf 20.000, also teilt das Video bitte mit euren Freunden und in den social media Netzen! Danke!



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Also, wer hat noch nicht, wer will noch mal: Kanal abonnieren, Kommentare schreiben, liken und vor allem: teilen, teilen, teilen! Danke! :-)

Follow me around St. Peter-Ording!

germany beach st peter ording

Time for another “hello, germany!” episode and this time we’re on the road to St. Peter Ording, where there’s a huge beach! In fact, so huge, it took us ages to reach the water and we immediately had to turn back, so I didn’t miss my comedy gig! Please enjoy and do share the video, you know you’re great, if you do!



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World Peace – How it’s done

how world peace can be achieved

Time for another episode of “hello, germany!” and this time we tackle the seemingly impossible task of achieving world peace. But call me crazy, it can be done and it starts with you!



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People from Earth! Today is World Peace Day! And congratulations, everywhere it’s peaceful! Well no, it isn’t, everywhere there’s a crisis, and wars, so a world peace day sounds a bit cynical, but – don’t give up hope, I’m here to tell you that World Peace can and will be reached!

Now jst to clear up, in Germany September 1st ist “Weltfriedenstag“, the “International day of peace” is September 21st. Oh well, does it matter? Every day is world peace day!

Now I sound like a nutter, but I’m not. Well I might be, but there’s a slight chance that I might not be talking complete bullshit, so you might as well believe me, because… well, World Peace!

It’s actually quite easy. err, It’s actually quite easy to get frustrated, when you look at the situation the world is in, but there’s something you can do and have to do.

Step 1, and this will hopefully calm you, is the realization that you yourself alone probably won’t be able to bring peace to the planet. But that’s good, because it takes a lot of pressure from your shoulders. You yourself will definitely not change much, so it’s totally okay to at least try a little bit, it won’T hurt and it won’t hurt, if you don’t succeed.

Hear me out, step 2 is that you have to realize, that World Peace sounds like an utopia that will never happen, but that’s not true. World Peace is possible and it will happen, yes, it is unavoidable. Now the sad thing is, it won’t happen in your lifetime, it will take thousands of years, possibly even a million, there’s tons of tiny steps necessary, millions of million steps necessary until we are society without wars.

But the good thing is, there are 8 billion people on this earth, so if at least some try to work towards world peace, it will happen sometime. Now you might thing, what’s in it for you, if you won’t ever see it happen? Well, you did something good for future generations! And apart from that, you’ll just feel better. Here’S what you do, and trust me this works:

Start with yourself. When you walk around the street and you see someone passing by, smile at him. We rarely do, but just try it! You know what will happen? The person you are smiling at, will probably smile back. Most of the time! And he will feel better and you will feel better. And together you did a tiny tiny little step towards world wide peace. Yes, it sounds crazy, because there are a trillion times a million more steps needed, but you did something and you made your own life and that of another person better and you should feel great!

Of course there also might be the occasional grumpy bugger that doesn’t smile back, but don’t worry, he will die! Some day, so that’s okay. Or he just had a bad day, but at least you smiled. And you know what? Even if nobody smiles at you, you will still feel better. Try, go to a mirror and look at yourself and smile. There’s nothing that can stop you from feeling better, if you smile. Because that’s what smiling is!

Now if you want to take it a step further, simply do some nice things. Say “thank you” and “please”, hold open a door, leave a nice comment on youtube, anything, may it be as small and worthless as you can imagine, if you do something good, no matter if the person deserves it or not or doesn’t even take notice, it will make the world just a little tiny bit better.

And if it doesn’t, at least it won’t make it worse, so it’s worth a try.

Except, if you’re a lazy grumpy bugger, but then I have news for you: You will die.

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“Hello, germany!” brings back Michael!

Manuel Wolff, a happy german back from vacation

“hello, germany!” is back, and what a nonsensical hilarious episode it is! Please share it with your friends on facebook and everywhere!



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Beautiful women running around Cologne, Germany!

women's run cologne 2014

Women’s Run Cologne 2014 – why were they running?

It was a spontaneous decision to pack my camera and do a follow me around for a new, unplanned, episode of “hello, germany!” Why? Because there where thousands of women running around the beautiful city of Cologne, all dressed in pink and I thought you might like to see that. Enjoy:



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Germany celebrates World Cup Victory!

It’s so exciting, Germany won the FIFA Football World Cup 2014, in a thrilling match against Argentina! And in this “follow me around” episode of “hello, germany!”, we’ll take a look at how and where and with whom I watched the game. Check it out:

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Walking to get the passport renewed!

passport life lessons

Well yes, what a strange headline, but bear with me. The trains were on strike and I had to get a new biometric passport, so I had to walk for miles. And of course I could use that time for a new video for my dear non german friends! Yes, it’s another episode of “hello, germany!”, check it out and enjoy!



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