David Hasselhoff ist zurück!

  David Hasselhoff ist der True Survivor in Kung Fury Was für ein Comeback, the Hoff, der musikalischste Superheld aller Zeiten, das personifizierte 80er Jahre cool des Universums hat gerade seinen neuen Song veröffentlicht, ein Karate Kid artiges Eye of the Tiger Beethoven blass aussehen lassendes episches Produkt, der Titelsong aus dem Crowdfunding finanzierten Film, […]

What do germans think of Canada?

  Good Morning, Germany – Vlog 10 What do Germans think about Canadians? Good morning! It’s viewer question time, so I answer „tributetoseagulls“ question: „What do Germans think about Canada“ in this weekly vlog. A bit tired, got a cold and am a bit confused, but please appreciate the effort anyway. And to the citizens […]

Good Morning, Germany! No. 1

  Good Morning! As promised, every Wednesday this daily videoblog will be in english. Why? I don’t know, i forgot. Just for fun. It’s a challenge for me. As if getting up in the morning isn’t a big enough challenge already. Especially after last night. That’s why I‘, already late on our first date. But […]