Good Morning, Germany! No. 1

Ein Becher Kaffee, frisch gebrüht

Good Morning! As promised, every Wednesday this daily videoblog will be in english. Why? I don’t know, i forgot. Just for fun. It’s a challenge for me. As if getting up in the morning isn’t a big enough challenge already. Especially after last night. That’s why I‘, already late on our first date. But don’t think that this has to be funny, even though I’m a comedian! Have you ever seen a comedian perform in the morning? Well have you ever seen a Comedian perform well in the morning? See, I thought so.

Here’s today’s episode of „Good Morning, Germany!“ – Have fun:

Today’s „Coffee is so cool“: „Coffee is so cool like David Hasselhoff reunifying Germany by singing his song „I’ve been looking for Freedom“, standing at the Berlin Wallon top of his speaking – but not singing – car“ – if you have suggestions, for other comparisons, please post a comment or write an e-mail:

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or the „Good Morning, Germany“-Playlist with all episodes so far (well that’s only one)

Good Morning, Germany! – All episodes so far

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Über ui.

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7 Gedanken zu „Good Morning, Germany! No. 1

  1. Knock knock …

    So, it´s 9 pm and no guten morgen ui! so far.
    does this mean you´re still in bed?! 😀

    Knock knock
    Who’s there?
    Ach Who?
    Bless You!

    cute aye?

  2. Yippie! Jeden Mittwoch auf englisch! Das ist super, dann werden gleich meine mittelmäßigen Englisch-Kenntnisse aufgefrischt! Und ich habe sogar alles verstanden! Freue mich schon auf nächsten Mittwoch! 😉 Weiter so….

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