The best video ever!

the best video ever

Honestly, this is the best video I ever saw, it is the funniest and it is impossibly cute. You know the argument sketch from Monty Python? Well if you think that one is good, then this one is even better. And it’s real. You’re pretty. Is it raining or sprinkling?



The kid saying “You pretty and you’re not real. I’m real” is a genius. It’s the best line ever, in any argument. In any conversation. I want to see a movie made out of that. Or at least some adults recreating that scene. It’s brilliant. it’s the cutest video ever.

What do you think?

Best Cover ever: 4 Non Blondes (what’s up?)

4 non Blondes Cover: What's up?

Es braucht keine Superstars, keine Ausnahmetalente, keine Spinner oder gehypten Fuzzis, um mit Musik das Herz zu öffnen, es braucht einfach einen netten Vater und seine süße Tochter: