What do germans think of Australia?

  Good Morning, Germany – Vlog 10 What do germans think about australians? Good morning! A viewer, „patrolman13“ asked me „What do germans think of Australia?“, after I answered last week to „What do germans think of Canada?„, so gladly I answer and here it is: Everything you need to know and nothing but the […]

Germans complain all the time – Good Morning, Germany! (ep. 2)

  Good Morning! Today I want to complain – because you english guys spell Wednesday Wednesday and not Wendsday, even though it sounds like Wendsday. And it is hard to get up in the morning. See? There, i did it again, we germans complain all the time. We say „Früher war alles besser“, even though […]

Good Morning, Germany! No. 1

  Good Morning! As promised, every Wednesday this daily videoblog will be in english. Why? I don’t know, i forgot. Just for fun. It’s a challenge for me. As if getting up in the morning isn’t a big enough challenge already. Especially after last night. That’s why I‘, already late on our first date. But […]