German mentality – what the hell?

  This is german comedian Manuel Wolff performing in english at the International Comedy Night in Maastricht, talking about the german love for complaints and David Hasselhoff and why the hell they always say „früher war alles besser“ – „in the past everything was better.“. Please share the video, if you like it! [random] This […]

World Peace – How it’s done

  Time for another episode of „hello, germany!“ and this time we tackle the seemingly impossible task of achieving world peace. But call me crazy, it can be done and it starts with you! [random] Transcript: People from Earth! Today is World Peace Day! And congratulations, everywhere it’s peaceful! Well no, it isn’t, everywhere there’s […]

German comedian ad libbing on teachers, toilets, trains & Brits!

  Here’s more from Manuel Wolff’s performance at the international comedy night in Heidelberg. Find out what happens, when a mobile phone rings in the audience, why teachers are dumber than their students, a lot of stuff about toilets and trains and toilets on trains and adlibbing about polite british people. Enjoy: [random] This video […]

german comedian riffing in Heidelberg

  Here’s a clip from my performance at the International Comedy Night in Heidelberg. I was headlining the show, unfortunately low attendance, but we all had a great time! [random] I’m riffing on teachers, typical german joke reactions (like Hitler and stuff) and then I pull out the toys, that help you cope when you […]

a german, american, english, belgian comedian walk into a backstage!

  Good Morning, Germany – Vlog 18 International gathering of comedians backstage what happens, when a german comedian, an american comedian, a british comedian and a belgian comedian share a backstage at an international comedy show in Maastricht, the Netherlands? World War 3, peace or some good old fashioned ironing? Are we trying to be […]

Heute kostenlose Umarmungen

Ja, heute ist „International Free Hugs Day“. Kommt schon, partizipiert in random ats of kindness und gebt euren Mitmenschen bekannter und unbekannterweise einfach so ohne Hintergedanken eine Umarmung. Sie haben es verdient. Mehr Info hier. und hier. Und das Video (aber Vorsicht, treibt einem Tränen in die AUgen bei so viel Menschlichkeit):