a german, american, english, belgian comedian walk into a backstage!

Good Morning, Germany – Vlog 18

International gathering of comedians backstage


what happens, when a german comedian, an american comedian, a british comedian and a belgian comedian share a backstage at an international comedy show in Maastricht, the Netherlands? World War 3, peace or some good old fashioned ironing? Are we trying to be Funny? Is it Humor or Humour? Or do we leave out the good jokes for the stage? Is it going to be hilarious or a mega fail?

Here’s this weeks episode of „Good Morning, Germany!“ – Have fun and leave a comment!

Missed last episode? Here it is: Playboy Club – look what I found in the toilet!

Looking forward to your comments, suggestions and of course, complaints!

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wrestler pic by Cameraman Craig under CC-BY-2.0
seats pic by jurvetson under CC-BY-2.0
„Let a smile by your umbrella“ pic by Leland Francisco under CC-BY-2.0

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5 Gedanken zu „a german, american, english, belgian comedian walk into a backstage!

  1. „Here’s this week´s episode of “Good Morning, Germany!”
    no, there isn´t :p
    but the picture of it looks promising!

    du bist wirklich ein bisserl urlaubsreif, was 😀

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