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Viewer questions about german soft drinks and more!

german vlogger answers more questions!

Yay – what about letters? How come f, v and w ist different in Germany than in England and the US? Oh well… and even more questions answered. But to make me happy, ask me more! Off you go! This is from „good morning, germany!“ which turned into my new Youtube channel „hello, germany!“ – check it out!



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Looking forward to your comments, suggestions and of course, complaints!

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Top Ten Stupid Cruise Questions

dumb questions by cruise ship passengers!

When on a holiday, you leave your brain at home. Especially on a cruise ship. That’s why crew members have numerous stories to tell, of all kinds of dumb questions cruise ship passengers asked them. Here’s the top ten silly questions that got asked on a cruise!

But first, german comedian Manuel Wolff recounts a few in this performance from the international comedy night in Heidelberg:


And now:

10 Stupid Cruise Questions

10. Does the crew sleep on board?

9. What time is the midnight snack?

8. Will we get wet on the snorkeling trip?

7. What do you do with the ice carvings after they melt?

6. How far above sea level are we?

5. Do these stairs go up or down?

4. Is that fresh or salt water in the toilets?

3. Why is there no cable television on board?

2. Can you tell me the unemployment rate on board?

And the stupidest cruise passenger question ever is:

1. How often has the ship sunk?

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cruise ships pic by Jim G under creative commons [CC BY 2.0] via

girl pic by Keith Parker under creative commons [CC BY-SA 2.0] via

Germany answers your questions!

hello germany youtube

It’s time for another episode where I answer the questions you posted to me at And it’s a rather good question this time, and without name dropping, I figure out how to meantion that I went to school with Seth Meyers. whut?


Here it is:

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A german answers your questions about germans, germany and everything else!

A german answers questions

It’S time for another vlog in english! This time I’ll answer the first view questions. Now, before you enjoy the clip, please subscribe to the youtube channel „hello, germany!“ for free! And also, put the Google+ „hello, germany!“ page in your circles, it’s worth it!

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The questions:

„I love your videos; I think they are hilarious. Also, your english is very good, where/how did you learn?“


„Compared to German, do you think English is a easier or harder language to learn? I know a bit, but wish to learn more German! :)“

What language do the people in Germany speak?

Good Morning, Germany – Vlog episode 9

silly questions about germans

Good morning! It’s so hard to get up in the morning, so being unprepared i just ramble in this videoblog. But after trying to get my brain to function in the morning, I can think of a few silly questions I’ve been asked about germans. Also: My love for the olympic opening ceremony and my disdain for the closing ceremony. Plus, my invitation for sending your question. You could call it begging.

Here’s this weeks episode of „Good Morning, Germany!“ – Have fun and leave a comment!

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