To the United States of America: You’re great, but definitely not the greatest

Here’s a note:

Countries that call themselves „the greatest nation on earth“ aren’t „the greatest nation on earth“. north korea calls itself the greatest nation on earth. First of all, there is no „greatest nation“, nations aren’t great, they’re not even not great, they are only nations.

Your pride is no pride, it is only ignorance. Most of your people who don’t get tired of saying how great your country is, have never been outside the country. If a baby is born in a prison and grows up in a prison, it thinks a prison is okay.

And saying the US is the greatest is not an observation, it is a mantra. It is supposed to be repeated over and over again, so you believe it without thinking, regardless if it is true or not.

So, yes, your country is great, but stop belittling other countries by using superlatives.

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  1. Harry

    True dat! By worshipping „your“ country you only despise other countries.

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