World Peace – How it’s done

  Time for another episode of „hello, germany!“ and this time we tackle the seemingly impossible task of achieving world peace. But call me crazy, it can be done and it starts with you! [random] Transcript: People from Earth! Today is World Peace Day! And congratulations, everywhere it’s peaceful! Well no, it isn’t, everywhere there’s […]

„Hello, germany!“ brings back Michael!

  „hello, germany!“ is back, and what a nonsensical hilarious episode it is! Please share it with your friends on facebook and everywhere! [random] This is from my Youtube channel „hello, germany!“, if you have Youtube, please subscribe and comment! 🙂

German English Love Song!

  From the international comedy night in Maastricht, Stand Up Comedian Manuel Wolff. You take: A german comedian, a beautiful girl from the audience, a grand piano, a few suggestions from the audience and you end up, with a terribly funny love duet. Enjoy and share: [random] This is from my youtube channel „hello, germany!“ […]

Beautiful women running around Cologne, Germany!

  Women’s Run Cologne 2014 – why were they running? It was a spontaneous decision to pack my camera and do a follow me around for a new, unplanned, episode of „hello, germany!“ Why? Because there where thousands of women running around the beautiful city of Cologne, all dressed in pink and I thought you […]

German Comedian, English Audience

  So, here’s all three parts of me, Manuel Wolff, a german comedian, having my first gig in english. Which part do you like best? Share the part you like best on Facebook! Please note: This was my first gig in english, but not my last. After this performance, I started to stand up comedy […]

German Comedian – part II

  Here’s the second part of me, several years ago, with the first time I did comedy in english, a performance at Johnny Hollywood’s Comedy Night in Cologne in front of expats from the USA, Canada, Britain, Australia, etc… it was tons of fun! What do you think? Do germans have a sense of humor? […]

Monty Python’s Killer Joke translated into english!

  Yesterday Monty Python had their final performance ever (or so they say). John Cleese, Michael Palin, Terry Jones, Eric Idle, Terry Gilliam (and Graham Chapman in memoriam) performed at the o2 arena and it was broadcast around the world. But one mystery remains, what actually were the english words of the „funniest joke in […]