Germany celebrates World Cup Victory!

  It’s so exciting, Germany won the FIFA Football World Cup 2014, in a thrilling match against Argentina! And in this „follow me around“ episode of „hello, germany!“, we’ll take a look at how and where and with whom I watched the game. Check it out: [random] This video is from my Youtube-channel „hello, germany!“ […]

Friendly Muslims – are they funny?

  Once again a new episode of the „hello, germany!“ vlog and this time I’m wondering about how a joke works. Because while performing in London, England, I got threee different reactions for the same joke on three different nights… and I don’t know, why? Watch the video and see why the mere mention of […]

Beautiful performance of „Gabriellas song“!

  For a change of pace, I present you a beautiful document from the archives, it’s the wonderful Lena Inter singing a brilliant rendition of the phenomenal song „Gabriella’s Song“ (or Gabrielas Sang) with me on the piano. Simply listen and get goosebumps: [random] If you liked that, it would be amazing of you to […]

Why Germany will win the World Cup 2014

  Alright the FIFA World Cup 2014 is about to start and the whole world will think only „Football!“, a whole month long! The whole world? Well no, there’s this little country, where they play a totally different game and call it the same, but who cares? It’s time for „hello, germany!“ again, and I […]

My Trip to London – Report Part 1 of 2

  As promised for a long time, I wanted to tell you about my recent trip to London, to do some more stand up comedy in english. Being a german comedian it’s a thrill to perform in another language, so I was happy that I could add gigs in Maastricht and Paris as well. Here’s […]

Top Ten Stupid Cruise Questions

  When on a holiday, you leave your brain at home. Especially on a cruise ship. That’s why crew members have numerous stories to tell, of all kinds of dumb questions cruise ship passengers asked them. Here’s the top ten silly questions that got asked on a cruise! But first, german comedian Manuel Wolff recounts […]

„Hello, Germany!“ starts with FIRE!

  Did you all enjoy your easter holidays? How do you celebrate easter? And why did I encounter a huge fire? And is fast fine and slow sexy? You’ll find out in the newest „hello, germany!“ vlog, check it out and leave a comment! [random] Follow „hello, germany!“ on Youtube Twitter Facebook and ask your […]