Why Germans joke about the Dutch

  And welcome to another episode of „hello, germany!“, now did you know that the germans often make jokes about the dutch? I’m wondering why, here’s a hint: Anne Frank has nothing to do with it, but penis size may play a part. Find out now: [random_content] This is from my english youtube channel „hello, […]

Comedian speaks about Islam – gets sued!

  Something strange happened in germany, freedom of speech doesn’t seem to be right for everybody: (transcript below) People around the world! Something strange happened this weekend in Germany, and I’m here to tell you about it, because you probably haven’t heard what happened. So, a colleague of mine got sued. When I say colleague, […]

germans bickering over the best ice cream!

  Time for a new two-part episode of „hello, germany!“. I was going to get some italian ice cream in Cologne, in the best Gelateria, the best ice cream parlour world wide. Germans love italian ice cream, and I bet you have tasted nothing like it. And I brought along crowd pleaser and fan favorite […]

Eating ice cream – part 2!

  click here for part 1 So here it is, the legendary episode of „hello, germany“ considering eating ice cream with Michael. Part 2: [random] Of course this is from the great youtube channel „hello, germany!“, hop over there, take a look, subscribe, if you want to get the videos immediately and leave comments and […]

Eating Ice Cream in Cologne! (with Michael nevertheless)

  You might not know, but italian ice cream parlours are very big in Germany. You get amazingly good ice cream, way better than anything I’ve tasted in the US or UK or anywhere else, even Italy! My favorite Gelateria is in Cologne, so I went there ona nice day, and I brought along crowd […]

Don’t play Frank Sinatra, if you can’t!

  I like kids and I don’t mind them playing, but can you imagine how it is like, living next to a school that decides to have the big break seemingly every day? You’ll be pining for the weekend. So it was weekend, but was it nice and quiet? Noooo… they tried to play „My […]

Follow me around St. Peter-Ording!

  Time for another „hello, germany!“ episode and this time we’re on the road to St. Peter Ording, where there’s a huge beach! In fact, so huge, it took us ages to reach the water and we immediately had to turn back, so I didn’t miss my comedy gig! Please enjoy and do share the […]