Wie man den Gefrierschrank auftaut

  Zeit für ein „follow me around“ bei „hello, germany!“, meinem englishen Youtubekanal (bitte abonnieren!) … mitten in der Nacht kam mir die Idee, das Gefrierfach meines Kühlschranks abzutauen. Was heißt Idee, es war dringend nötig! So ging es aus: [random_content] frosted freezer pic by Dan4th (http://www.flickr.com/photos/dan4th/) under creative commons [CC BY 2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/)], via […]

Eating Ice Cream in Cologne! (with Michael nevertheless)

  You might not know, but italian ice cream parlours are very big in Germany. You get amazingly good ice cream, way better than anything I’ve tasted in the US or UK or anywhere else, even Italy! My favorite Gelateria is in Cologne, so I went there ona nice day, and I brought along crowd […]

Holy crap, it’s me in the tub!

  Here it is, time for „hello, germany“ on the road again. Follow me around, this time in Saarbrücken, you get to learn what Saarbrücken is, why I’m there, what 4 different types of comedy gigs there are for a professional comedian in Germany and in the end, I’m showing you everything while I’m relaxing […]

typically german! the most standard place in germany!

  Time fo another episode of „hello, germany!“, follow me around, this time I am at a train station in Bruchsal and in a hotel room in Stuttgart. Yes, this is Germany as crazy as it gets: [random] Ig you enjoyed the video, please leave a comment here! And also follow my channel on youtube […]

Follow me around in Munich, Bayern München :-)

  Hello people all around the world! Time for another „hello, germany“ follow me around video! This time I was in Munich and recorded a little something before doing a comedy show at the renowned GOP theatre. You’ll see the deutsche museum, the Isar, a lonely love lock, trustworthy munichians (how are the people from […]