typically german! the most standard place in germany!

the most typically german place

Time fo another episode of „hello, germany!“, follow me around, this time I am at a train station in Bruchsal and in a hotel room in Stuttgart. Yes, this is Germany as crazy as it gets:


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8 Kommentare

  1. Lisa

    I don’t know how you stand the excitement!

  2. Carmen

    It does not matter which nut nougat cream they have. The others taste often better. Nutella is not the best. My favorit is „Nutoka“.

    • Manuel Wolff

      You are not speaking the truth and that’s a fact.

    • Manuel Wolff

      you drink coffee with milk poweder. That says all about your taste.

      • Carmen

        Oh, you said also about Coffee Powder only a few months ago. And now you like it! So let us wait some time my dear 🙂

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