Shirl4711: amuse me dammit
uiuiui7: What?
Shirl4711: i’m tired
Shirl4711: i need entertaining
Shirl4711: my ex boyfriend isn’t talking to me

uiuiui7: Maybe you are to demanding.
Shirl4711: i’m not demanding at all
uiuiui7: „amuse me, dammit!“
Shirl4711: that’s my way of saying hi
Shirl4711: when i’m too tired to say hi

uiuiui7: hi.
Shirl4711: hi
Shirl4711: so i’m not sure why my ex boyfriend isn’t talkign to me now
Shirl4711: I asked, but he… kept not talking to me

uiuiui7: because he’s your ex, I guess?
Shirl4711: yeah, but he still likes me
uiuiui7: How do you know?
Shirl4711: because he told me so
uiuiui7: Did you leave him or did he leave you?
Shirl4711: both
Shirl4711: I wanted to take a break

uiuiui7: He told you so, when he wasn’t talking to you?
Shirl4711: and he decided to break up with me for real for real
Shirl4711: He told me so last week
Shirl4711: and we haven’t talked since then
Shirl4711: But I’m trying to get him to talk to him
Shirl4711: talk to me

uiuiui7: That’s why he doesn’t want to talk to you.
uiuiui7: So you’re stalking him.
Shirl4711: well I’m bored
uiuiui7: And he’s ignoring you, because that’s the only thing that might make you go away.
uiuiui7: What’s the use of breaking up, if you don’t stop contact.
Shirl4711: he wanted to stay friends
uiuiui7: When guys say „we can stay friends“ they don’t mean it.
Shirl4711: but he really hurt my feelings
Shirl4711: so I decided I needed some time away
Shirl4711: but I got over it pretty quickly

uiuiui7: maybe he didn’t.
Shirl4711: maybe not
uiuiui7: well then leave him alone!