Walking to get the passport renewed!

passport life lessons

Well yes, what a strange headline, but bear with me. The trains were on strike and I had to get a new biometric passport, so I had to walk for miles. And of course I could use that time for a new video for my dear non german friends! Yes, it’s another episode of „hello, germany!“, check it out and enjoy!




This video is from my friggin‘ youtube channel „hello, germany!“, go check it out, subscribe and browse around, leave thumb ups and share… but first, please leave a comment in this blog! Thank you 🙂

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  1. Carmen

    How do you manage that while you’re walking to film and talk, without somewhere running against? I would draw a trail of destruction behind me. 🙂

    • Manuel Wolff

      I have to admit, it is difficult. But I can edit the parts out, where I fall.

      • Carmen


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