Aus „Bad Boy – Nice is good, but bad is better…“ von Olivia Goldsmith. Vier Frauen unterhalten sich im Gym über – was wohl –Männer:

„So we know what we don’t like, but what is it about challenging boys we do like? Why are we addicted to difficult men?“ Tracie asked.
„They’re such a big challenge,“ Sara said. „There’s loads of them at the TIMES.“
They were stepping in sync and their arms swung. „Yeah. It isn’t easy to get a bad boy to love you, but you feel like if they did, it would really be an accomplishment,“ Beth added.
„I think they appeal to our maternal instinct,“ Laura responded.
„Get outta town!“ Sara and Beth answered at the same time.
Tracie wished she had her Post-its.
„No. Listen,“ Laura continued. „It’s like we get to practice on them. You know, they need attention like an infant.“
„I think it’s because they’re easy,“ Beth said.
„Boy are they
not easy,“ Sara added.
„But they are in a way,“ Beth asserted. „You never get really close to them, so you never have to test your own ability to love.“

Wie wahr, wie wahr.