the best way to warm up pizza is in a skillet!

  Alrighty, it is time again for „hello, germany!“ and in the follow me around this time we will learn how to warm up leftover pizza, because there is a fantastic way to do it: NOT in the microwave, NOT in the oven! Do it in a pan or a skillet! Trust me! [random] Here’s […]

The friendly heckler!

  Well folks, I’ve been warned. When I’d go to England to do my stand up comedy there, there would be hecklers. Manuel Wolff, they said, in Germany heckling at a comedy show is not as common as in Britain. So I was ready for it. Little did I know, though, how polite the british […]

Deutscher Comedian muss den Bären Witz in England erzählen!

  Eine kleine nette Comedy-Show in London, England, „Bear Funny“ lud mich ein, die Voraussetzung war allerdings, dass ich einen Bärenwitz auf der Bühne erzählte, warum auch immer. Nun ja, hier ist er, lief gut: Das Video ist Teil meines englischen Youtube-Kanals „hello, germany!“ – abonniert ihn, wenn noch nicht geschehen! Zum Thema „Bärenwitz“ gibt […]

How to count in german, 1 to 10

  Hello world! It’s time for another episode of „hello, germany!“, this time I’ll explain how to count from one to ten. Eins bis Zehn. Muhahahahahaha, I feel like the Count. Have fun, enjoy and share the video with your illiterate friends 😉 [random] Please subscribe for free to „hello, germany!“ on Youtube! And also […]

Justin Biebers arrest makes a german happy!

  This is it, ladies and gentlemen, the first episode of „Hello, germany!“, a vlog. And what better idea, than to talk about one of our idols, no, not David Hasselhoff nor Arnold Scharzzenegger – those to, even though they’re bth not german, can at least find Germany on a map. It is our favorite […]