German comedian ad libbing on teachers, toilets, trains & Brits!

  Here’s more from Manuel Wolff’s performance at the international comedy night in Heidelberg. Find out what happens, when a mobile phone rings in the audience, why teachers are dumber than their students, a lot of stuff about toilets and trains and toilets on trains and adlibbing about polite british people. Enjoy: [random] This video […]

Comedy about Killing Giraffes

  Here’s another excerpt from me, Manuel Wolff, performing at the international comedy night in Heidelberg. This time it’s about the giraffe they killed at the Kopenhagen Zoo in Denmark. Let’s see, if there’s something funny about it. Tell me how you liked it, and what you thought about killing giraffes: [random] The clip is […]

german comedian riffing in Heidelberg

  Here’s a clip from my performance at the International Comedy Night in Heidelberg. I was headlining the show, unfortunately low attendance, but we all had a great time! [random] I’m riffing on teachers, typical german joke reactions (like Hitler and stuff) and then I pull out the toys, that help you cope when you […]

typically german! the most standard place in germany!

  Time fo another episode of „hello, germany!“, follow me around, this time I am at a train station in Bruchsal and in a hotel room in Stuttgart. Yes, this is Germany as crazy as it gets: [random] Ig you enjoyed the video, please leave a comment here! And also follow my channel on youtube […]

Germany answers your questions!

  It’s time for another episode where I answer the questions you posted to me at And it’s a rather good question this time, and without name dropping, I figure out how to meantion that I went to school with Seth Meyers. whut? [random] Here it is: If you haven’t already done it, please […]

Follow me around in Munich, Bayern München :-)

  Hello people all around the world! Time for another „hello, germany“ follow me around video! This time I was in Munich and recorded a little something before doing a comedy show at the renowned GOP theatre. You’ll see the deutsche museum, the Isar, a lonely love lock, trustworthy munichians (how are the people from […]

new youtube channel: „hello, germany!“ – check it out!

  Check out the TRAILER for the new english language channel about everything and nothing german. This is „hello, germany!“ This is the new channel from Manuel Wolff, a german stand up comedian. You’ll find a vlog, where he answers your questions and speaks the truth and nothing but the truth, talks about germany, germany’s […]