German Comedian on the Road


Last minute schedule changes, being late with packing stuff, and all the organisational hazards of performing 12 shows in 10 days in 4 different countries … aren’t to be found in this video. What I’m saying is, I’m off now to leave for a trip to Maastricht, Paris and London, but just before I leave I want to show you the newest vlog, from a much more relaxed trip to „Schwerte“, in a car, with my great driver Martin. Enjoy!


This is from my youtube channel „hello, germany!“, please take a look, subscribe and leave a comment!

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Über ui.

Manuel Wolff ist der Autor von "ui. der blog.", Außerdem "ui. der vlog." auf Youtube und diverse andere Projekte. Hauptberuflich Stand Up Comedian und Musikkabarettist und Improgott. G+

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