How to make love with a german comedian

on a piano – the love song

German Stand-Up Comedian Manuel Wolff performs in english at the international comedy night in Maastricht, Netherlands.

This time improv – a love duet with a volunteer from the audience.

check the german homepage.

Here’s the backstory: Mr. Johnny Hollywood has an english comedy show in Cologne and I feel very blessed that he once asked me to perform in english at his show – what a crazy idea! I was thrilled – I usually perform in german, but since all the comedy I watch is english (because imho english comedy is better), so I thought “why not?”.

You can watch my first performance here and again I feel very blessed that that video kinda went viral and already has over 230,000 views.

I plan to perform more often in english, so if anybody wants to book me, anywhere in the world, contact me at

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  1. 42 Leute, die auf dieses Seite gehen und es mit diesem verdammten Facebook “gefällt mir” Knopf abhacken und kein einziger Kommentar!


    Wenn Euch ein Artikel auf Eurer Seite gefällt, dann solltet ihr mir danken und nicht Mark Zuckerberg.

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