You say squirrel, I say Eichhörnchen

Alright, it took a while, but here it is, the new vlog and the answer to the squirrel eichhörnchen dilemma.

Now, we established that germans can’t say squirrel, so I proposed a challenge for the rest of the world to say „Eichhörnchen“, which I thought also wouldn’t be that easy for americans, canadians, australians, the english, etc. … well, I got your answers, so check how funny and lustig it turned out…

This is the vlog „Hello, Germany!“, where I will explain the world according to germans, or Germany according to me. Your questions, my viewpoints, I’m here to answer your concerns 😉

Please ask your questions in the comments and make sure to check back – please also give the video a thumbs up, put it in your favorites folder and press „share“ to share it with your friends on facebook, twitter and more! Yay!

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  1. Carmen

    I love the outtakes 🙂

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