Das Original „Germans always complain“

  Na? Geht’s Euch gut? Ungutes Gefühl, wenn man sich über nichts beschweren kann, oder? Zumindest entspräche das einem der Vorurteile, die es über Deutsche gibt. Zeit sich mal wieder das ursprüngliche Video zu Gemüte zu führen, in dem ich meinen englischen Zuschauern erklärte, wie das so ist und warum sich Deutsche ständig beschweren. Viel […]

Why Germans joke about the Dutch

  And welcome to another episode of „hello, germany!“, now did you know that the germans often make jokes about the dutch? I’m wondering why, here’s a hint: Anne Frank has nothing to do with it, but penis size may play a part. Find out now: [random_content] This is from my english youtube channel „hello, […]

germans bickering over the best ice cream!

  Time for a new two-part episode of „hello, germany!“. I was going to get some italian ice cream in Cologne, in the best Gelateria, the best ice cream parlour world wide. Germans love italian ice cream, and I bet you have tasted nothing like it. And I brought along crowd pleaser and fan favorite […]

„Hello, germany!“ is here to answer your questions!

  A german answers your questions about germans, germany and everything else! It’S time for another vlog in english! This time I’ll answer the first view questions. Now, before you enjoy the clip, please subscribe to the youtube channel „hello, germany!“ for free! And also, put the Google+ „hello, germany!“ page in your circles, it’s […]

You say squirrel, I say Eichhörnchen

  Alright, it took a while, but here it is, the new vlog and the answer to the squirrel eichhörnchen dilemma. Now, we established that germans can’t say squirrel, so I proposed a challenge for the rest of the world to say „Eichhörnchen“, which I thought also wouldn’t be that easy for americans, canadians, australians, […]

Germans can’t say „squirrel“, but can you say „Eichhörnchen“?

  A challenge for the english speaking world! Everybody knows germans can’t say „squirrel„. But is that true? And for the rest of the world, here’s your Challenge: Try saying „Eichhörnchen„! I’m looking forward to your video replies! Let’s do this, Germany vs. the world! Squirrel! [random] Looking forward to your comments, suggestions and of […]