Obama vs. Romney, 2nd presidential duel – a german perspective

Good Morning, Germany – Vlog 14

Why did I watch the debate last night?


Yesterday I watch the second presidential debate, the so inappropriatly titles „Town Hall Meeting“ between Barrack Obama and Mitt Romney. Why? I really can’t say, but here are my tired thoughts. A german perspective on things, even though I can only talk for me and not for any other german. I think I will skip the third debate.

Missed last episode? Here it is: Rammstein in english on a piano

Looking forward to your comments, suggestions and of course, complaints!

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  1. Carmen

    I don’t now, why you watch something TV so late, I find it very silly. And on the next day the Vlog is again so late. But your hair looks nice. You were at a hairdresser. 🙂

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