Viewer questions about german soft drinks and more!

  german vlogger answers more questions! Yay – what about letters? How come f, v and w ist different in Germany than in England and the US? Oh well… and even more questions answered. But to make me happy, ask me more! Off you go! This is from „good morning, germany!“ which turned into my […]

You say squirrel, I say Eichhörnchen

  Alright, it took a while, but here it is, the new vlog and the answer to the squirrel eichhörnchen dilemma. Now, we established that germans can’t say squirrel, so I proposed a challenge for the rest of the world to say „Eichhörnchen“, which I thought also wouldn’t be that easy for americans, canadians, australians, […]

Germans can’t say „squirrel“, but can you say „Eichhörnchen“?

  A challenge for the english speaking world! Everybody knows germans can’t say „squirrel„. But is that true? And for the rest of the world, here’s your Challenge: Try saying „Eichhörnchen„! I’m looking forward to your video replies! Let’s do this, Germany vs. the world! Squirrel! [random] Looking forward to your comments, suggestions and of […]

German Comedian on german mentality

  Hasselhoff, Hitler and complaints from my performance at the international comedy night in Maastricht, Netherlands: „What kind of silly idea is that, to make an english comedy show in the Netherlands and then bring a german onstage? We’re not funny at all! I mean of all the nations in the world – Germany is […]

a german, american, english, belgian comedian walk into a backstage!

  Good Morning, Germany – Vlog 18 International gathering of comedians backstage what happens, when a german comedian, an american comedian, a british comedian and a belgian comedian share a backstage at an international comedy show in Maastricht, the Netherlands? World War 3, peace or some good old fashioned ironing? Are we trying to be […]

Playboy Club – look what I found in the toilet!

  Good Morning, Germany – Vlog 17 Playboy bunnies in the toilet? You can find weird stuff on the toilet of the Playboy Club Cologne – well, not that weird, but paper towels. Which Playboy bunny has to fold them? The overweight one? Who knows … also a litle bit of something about laws in […]