Why Germans joke about the Dutch

  And welcome to another episode of „hello, germany!“, now did you know that the germans often make jokes about the dutch? I’m wondering why, here’s a hint: Anne Frank has nothing to do with it, but penis size may play a part. Find out now: [random_content] This is from my english youtube channel „hello, […]

World Record: Most jokes in a minute!

  Good Morning, Germany – Vlog episode 8 silly german attempts to break world record Here I bravely attempt to break the worl record in most jokes being told in under one minute. Let’s see, if I can do it. My old record (albeit in german) can be seen here, but I’m not sure it […]

Germans Are Idiots – not all of them, just many

  Good Morning, Germany – Vlog episode 6 Germany, great country, it is full of idiots! Sometimes even assholes! Today we explore why. Well just one little reason why, but let it also be known that not only Germany, but any country in the world is full of idiots. Except of course the United States […]

German jokes – not funny!

  Germans don’t have a sense of humor. None at all. That’s the stereotype. So here’s a collection of german jokes. See for yourself. This was an episode of „Good Morning, Germany!“, which is now replaced by „Hello, Germany!“ (please check out the Youtube channel and leave a subscription :-)) [random] click here for „Good […]

German Comedian performs in English

  German Stand-Up-Comedian Manuel Wolff performs for the first time in english and kills the crowd with his jokes. funny Comedy at Johnny Hollywood’s Comedy Night in Cologne in Flanagan’s Pub with Top Comedians from Great Britain and the States.